OptiComm is one of Australia’s largest open access, Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) wholesale network infrastructure operators, servicing the new residential housing, apartment and commercial building markets. The company was established in 2005 and it has been a licensed carrier and wholesale network infrastructure operator since 2007.

OptiComm operates in the Australian Telecommunications industry and specialises in designing, installing, operating and maintaining fibre-based fixed line access telecommunication networks.

  • builds, owns (in most cases) and operates fibre-based open access wholesale telecommunication networks in residential single dwelling unit (referred to as ‘Single Dwelling Units’) development estates (referred to a ‘Broadacre’ estates), apartment or unit developments with multiple dwellings (referred to as ‘Multi Dwelling Units’), retirement and independent living units estates and commercial precincts and buildings;
  • provides wholesale access to its networks to Retail Service Providers who provide retail telecommunications, entertainment and other services to end user consumers (being residents in dwellings within the Broadacre estates and Multi Dwelling Unit complexes that are connected to OptiComm’s networks);
  • provides ongoing support and maintenance services to the networks, including those networks that OptiComm manages but does not own; and
  • provides other ancillary value add services, such as integrated building administration support networks (Integrated Communication Networks) that support building operations and other building services within mixed use developments, such as hotels and apartments, shopping centres, and other commercial complexes.

OptiComm designs, builds, operates and maintains fixed line access, fibre based, telecommunications networks.  In particular, its network infrastructure comprises the final section (or ‘last mile’) of the telecommunication networks and connects homes, apartments and commercial premises within OptiComm connected estates to a central exchange point from which high-speed broadband internet, telephone, data, entertainment and other telecommunication services are delivered to end user consumers via third party providers of retail internet and other telecommunication services (Retail Service Providers). 

For more information, please check OptiComm's website here.

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